The Heights


Citadel Crest Ward

The Acadamae:
A1. Hall of Summoning: School of Conjuration. 13 binding circles and 3 immense binding circles around the building.
A2. Hall of Seeing: School of Divination/Scrying and chambers.
A3. Ornelos Hall: Administrative offices. 3 interior binding circles. Headmaster Toff Ornelos (male human aristocrat/wizard).
A4. Hall of Induction: School of Evocation. 5 floors. A spiral staircase in the center.
A5. Hall of Wards: School of Abjuration. Site of the famous Breaching Festival.
A6. Hall of Lies: School of Illusion.
A7. Hall of Shaping: School of Transmutation.
A8. Hall of Charms: School of Enchantment.
A9. Hall of Whispers: School of Necromancy.

H1. Great Tower: 19 floors. A Vault system underneath. Main entrance on tower’s third floor, accessible via a bridge.
Bottom floor: Sable Company main armory.
Floors 2-6: Endrin Military Academy.
Floors 7-16: Barracks for 200 Sable Company marines.
Floors 17-19: Hippogriff aeries.

H2. Upslope House: Bed and breakfast. Has 10 rooms that can accommodate up to 22 people.
H3. The Frisky Unicorn: Bed and breakfast. Has 5 rooms that can accommodate up to 13 people. Psuedodragon nest in highest floor of turret tower.
H4. The Temple of Asmodeus: Altars at each point of star. Living quarters and administrative offices.
H5. Gilded Orrery: Sells books, texts, items, magical wares of arcane lore for the Acadamae. Also sells wares to House Ornelos and its agents. Gasta Waegra (female human expert).
H10. Tenna’s: Bed and breakfast. 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 11 guests.

The University Ward:

H6. Jittery Quill: Coffehouse and alehouse.
H7. Jeggare Museum: Owned and operated by House Jeggare. Museum has several wings. Museum Curator Mercival Jeggare (male human aristocrat/bard/expert).

H8. University of Korvosa: Main campus consists of 5 major buildings. Three satellite buildings and 2 other buildings are in other wards.
a. Leroung Hall: Academic offices, classrooms and 210 seat auditorium.
b. Black Hall: Classrooms.
c. Jeggare Library: University private library.
d. Instructor Offices North: Hold ¾ of university staff.
e. Instructor Offices South: Staff offices, conference rooms and classrooms.

H9. The Wise Dragon Inn: Inn and attached restaurant.
The Cliffside Ward: Two Sable Company watchhouses are located on the cliffs.
H11. Marbledome: Owned by House Jeggare. Operahouse. Operahouse manager Touran Palastus (male human bard/expert).
H12. Kendall Amphitheater: Open air and stage performances. Games and contests are sometimes held. Kendall Vault- series of passages beneath.
Plaza of Scions: divides brick plaza and covered stage of amphitheater. Three tall statues.
H13. Crested Falcon: Very pricy restaurant.
H14. Temple of Sarenrae: Turreted temple.
H15. The Overlook: Tavern. Tavern owner Asa Hemrich.

The Heights

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