Eodred Arabasti


King Eodred Arabasti is a man who desperately wants to be well-liked and remembered, and during his tenure as king, he’s been somewhat successful in this endeavor.

While not anywhere near as ambitious or active in city affairs as the previous regent, Queen Domina, neither does Eodred have his mother’s desire to strengthen Korvosa’s bond with distant Chalax, a fact appreciated by many of his subjects. A skilled diplomat with great patience and a warm demeanor, King Eodred’s city has flourished with him atop the throne, even if his hedonistic appetites, womanizing ways, and weakness for a pretty face do tend to have his people rolling their eyes behind his back. While his efforts have gone far in restoring the city’s coffers, nearly drained dry by Queen Domina’s ambitious ways, the King of Korvosa is also quite fond of lavishly spending the city’s gold, spoiling himself with the finest foods and clothes from around the world. For years he also maintained a lush, private harem within Castle Korvosa, though he has abandoned this habit as of late.

Despite his scandalous flaws, King Eodred remains generally well-liked by his people thanks to his good works in the city and genuine dedication to making Korvosa a more affluent, enjoyable place to live. Most of his subjects are content to view him a peaceful, mostly harmless monarch — the city is quietly prosperous, and although Eodred is unlikely to usher in a new golden age of wealth and power to Korvosa, neither is he about to uproot the city and march it off to war. Many call him the Saffron King, whose reign is one of abundance, in which honey and spice flood the markets. The city’s downtrodden have another name for him, however — the Stirge King*, whose squandering ways are slowly bleeding the city dry.

(*If you are unfamiliar with the word, a stirge is a D&D monster that is essentially a giant, dog-sized mosquito.)

With time beginning to catch up to King Eodred, and his lack of an heir (despite his fondness for female company) a loudly-whispered topic of gossip among Korvosa’s elite, he set his eyes on obtaining a wife. Four years ago, he found her: Ileosa. A breathtaking beauty barely a third of his age, the two were wed after a scandalously brief courtship. In perhaps the most shocking move of all, Eodred turned out his entire harem in favor of his new queen. Barely 17 years old when she took Eodred II’s side in, Queen Ileosa has managed a minor miracle in the past four years—she’s single-handedly shifted the dislike and disapproval away from King Eodred to herself with her open distaste for Korvosa (a city she’s been heard to call “a backwater colonial village” more than once).

The last several weeks, the King has become more secluded in Castle Korvosa and his lady-wife has taken more of the ruling responsibilities in the public eye. Despite the staff’s best efforts, rumors are starting to surface that the King may not be well, and that the Curse of the Crimson Throne is finally taking its toll. If the King were to die, it would surely plunge the city into chaos.

Eodred Arabasti

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